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Your First Visit

Dr. Justice believes that orthodontics is not just about treating bite problems or moving teeth with various types of appliances; it’s about treating people. His first step is to get to know you and determine your specific concerns, needs and expectations. With locations conveniently located in Acworth and Dallas, our office is always close by to help you with your orthodontic needs.

We offer a FREE CONSULTATION where Dr. Justice will look at your face, teeth, jaw joint and the relationship between your lower and upper jaw to determine if immediate treatment is required.

What Happens At My Initial Visit?

During your initial exam, you will get to know Dr. Justice and during this time he will be able to answer any of your questions that you may have had before coming into the office. He will also ask you questions about any problems you may be having with swallowing, chewing or any problems with any funny or popping noises that your jaw may be making. Then we will take digital photographs and x-rays to get an exact assessment of what your orthodontic needs are.

Your Treatment Planning

After Dr. Justice reviews your diagnostic records, which includes your digital images and x-rays of your bite, Dr. Justice will explain to you what has been found. If treatment is required, he will be able to map out what would be the best treatment option for you. Once the treatment plan is discussed and agreed upon, that it is best suited for you, we will discuss a time line for treatment and what you can expect during this time.


During your first visit we will also make sure to discuss financing for your needs. We will put together an estimate of the cost and total treatment time and our Financial and Treatment Coordinators will review with you in detail your options for payment. Working with your insurance, we will also make sure to file the needed papers with your insurance company. We work very hard to ensure orthodontics is affordable.

We look forward to helping you achieve that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted because we’re serious about smiles!

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