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Upon your initial treatment consultation, we will review your personal health, as well as dental history. Next, we will discuss your chief complaint with your teeth or bite. We will then explain as to why initial X-Rays and pictures are taken, which will allow Dr. Justice an opportunity to examine the roots and bone structure of your teeth.


The entire process is designed to allow each patient the opportunity to receive the best and most effective treatment plan for their specific needs. Next, we will head to the records room to take a panorex, cephlametric, and intraoral photos where, after reviewing the records, Dr. Justice will perform an oral examination and discuss his findings with the patient. Upon completion of the examination, treatment options are then presented. The patient will then return to the consultation room, along with the treatment coordinator, to answer any questions, finalize the patient’s individual treatment plan, discuss financial and insurance information, and to schedule your next visit to begin treatment.


We are so happy that you have chosen Justice Orthodontics.  Our commitment to every patient is that we will give the utmost care and attention to you during every aspect of your treatment plan.

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